Centralized air filtration systems

GGE srl designs, manufactures and installs filters and centralized air filtration systems for all industry and productive sectors. Bag filters, self-cleaning cartridge filters, activated carbon filters, hydro filters and scrubbers. These plants are ideal for dust, chips and odors filtration and are indicated in welding and spray painting operations, chemical and food industry, woodworking, ceramics.

GG SMOG – Modular electrostatic filters

Air filters for centralized plants for dust, fumes and oil mist filtration from machine tools

POLJET FQ-TS – Self-cleaning bag filters

Self-cleaning bag filters with collection bin

FINPOL BA – Self-cleaning cartridge filters

Self-cleaning cartridge filters for dust filtration

CARB – Activated carbon air filters

Activated carbon cartridge filters for deodorization and reduction of odors

RAF – Bag filters with vibration cleaning

Filtri a maniche con pulizia a vibrazione

SST – Sub-station filters for woodworking

Sottostazione per il settore falegnameria

AIRSOL CARB – Filters with activated carbon cartridges

Modular filter units with activated carbon cartridges

AIRSOL DRY – Air suction filter for spray painting

Air filter unit for painting operations

AIRSOL POL – Air filters for dust and fumes

Impianti aspirazione aria per fumi e polveri

AIRSOL OIL – Modular air filters for oil-mist

Air filtration of oil mists and emulsion mists

AIRSOL STERIL – Modular air filters for fumes

Air filter with HEPA final stage

POLJET FC – Cyclon bag filter for dedusting

Cyclonic jet-pulse bag filters

POLJET F – Bags filters for dust and powders

Bags filters with round section

POLJET FQ-RC – Bag filters with screw and rotary valve

Filtri a maniche con coclea e rotovalvola

FINPOL DT – Cartridges air filtering for fumes and dust

Nanofiber jet-pulse cartridge filters

FINPOL NR – Self-cleaning cartridges filters

Jet-pulse cleaning cartridge filters

FINPOL GR – Dust filtration with cartridges filters

Filtri a cartucce verticali, autopulenti con girelle rotanti

FINPOL HZ – Air filters for dust and fumes

Self-cleaning horizontal cartridge air filters

FINPOL F – Cartridge filters for dust

Self-cleaning cartridge filters

SMALL SILOS – Bags filtration with storage

Filtri a maniche con stoccaggio materiale

MAS – MAD – Bags filter for chips and dusts

Filtro a maniche in lamiera zincata

CICL – Centrifugal cyclone air filter

Centrifugal cyclone separators