Mobile air filters

GGE srl produces and sells wheel-mounted filters and wall mounted filters suitable for extraction of polluted air directly to the source of special working of metals, wood, food, etc. Self-cleaning cartridge filters for smoke and dust, mobile air filters with suction arms, filters with collection bag.

DEVID ONE – Filters for welding fumes, gases and dust

4-stage filtration compact filter units

AIRSOL CAR – Oil-mist mobile filters

Mobile filters for welding fumes and oil mist

TM H – Mobile air filter units with cartridges

Mobile air filters with cartridges for mechanical industry

TM-F – Wheel-mounted air filters

Wheel-mounted filter units for dust and chips

TM JET – Self-cleaning mobile dust extractor

High performance mobile dust extractor with bags filter

ZB ECO – Suction benches

Mobile suction benches with cartridge

DCE MULTICARB – Mobile filters with activated carbon

Filtri a carboni attivi, per gas di scarico, polveri, sov e odori

AIRSOL CAT – Air filters for CNC machines

Oil mist filtration for metalworking

GUAPP – Bag filters with exhauster

Aspiratori per polveri e trucioli di legno

FINPOL MUL – Portable dust collector with forklift

Palletizable jet-pulse cartridge filters

ECODCE – Mobile cartridge filter for fumes

Mobile filter units with cartridge for fumes

DCE – Mobile filters for fumes and dusts

Suction of welding and metal fumes