Ventilation and cooling

Air extractors for ventilation in industrial structures and workshops.
Roof air extractors for industrial environments, livestock farms.
Evaporative coolers for warehouses, car parks, stock farms. Mobile coolers for workshops.
Centrifugal fans, direct and belt driven. Axial fans for high flow rates and low pressures.

VDQ – Plate mounted axial fans

Axial fans for wall or panel fixing, suitable for high air flow with low pressures

VDI – Axial fans

Ducted axial fans for high air flow rates

CA – Evaporative coolers

Wall mounted evaporative coolers

VDL-VDV – Axial fans

Ring mounted industrial axial fans

MTV – Exhaust fans

Exhaust fans for high flowrate

FRIO – Mobile evaporative coolers

Mobile evaporative coolers for warehouses and industries