GGE srl. 35 years of experience

GGE has been established since the end of the 70s as a manufacturer of filters for polluted air cleaning. In the course of 35 years, it became popular with an ever-growing success on the italian and european markets, diversifying its production and offering reliable products and guaranteeing versatile services and experience in all industrial sectors. GGE plans and produces, on its own, single devices as well as complete industrial plants, in the sectors where and adequate air treatment is necessary for the safeguard of the work place and environment. During the last years, GGE group has undertaken collaborations with qualified european partners, both on productive and commercial level, even consolidating in the sectors of bio-technologies, energy recovery and safety.

gge srl air filtration systems
GGE srl mobile filter units

Analysis and design

GGE has always staked a lot on the internal competencies of its technicians team for the analysis and design of devices. The feasibility study, the exchange of information with the internal production departments, the advice to the customer based on our long experience, are the preliminary and fundamental phases of our work.



GGE srl internally manufactures the single devices and all the components of the industrial plants which have been produced. The internal production enables us to vary or modify our realizations, even during work in progress, so as to meet the customer’s particular needs. It also enables us to intervene subsequently in a rapid and professional way for reparations, plant enlargements, adjustments thus guaranteeing complete assistance. All our production is carried out with modern machineries and advanced technologies such as plasma cutting, so as to guarantee high building standards and a long life span to our plants.

GGE srl italian air filtration company reggio emilia
GGE srl reggio emilia italy

Installation and testing

Our industrial plants become operational only when, after the production, they are prepared, transported, installed and tested.


After-sale services

GGE srl internal warehouse offers broad availability of spare parts and optionals. Our internal production departments rapidly answer in case of customizations, changes and reparations.