Exhaust gas

DEVID ONE – Filters for welding fumes, gases and dust

4-stage filtration compact filter units

AR – Exhaust extraction hose reels

AR - Exhaust extraction for cars and motorcycles

FLEX – Flexible hoses

Tubazione in gomma antischiacciamento

BOC – Exhaust extraction nozzles

Bocchette aspirazione gas di scarico

DCE MULTICARB – Mobile filters with activated carbon

Filtri a carboni attivi, per gas di scarico, polveri, sov e odori

DCE – Mobile filters for fumes and dusts

Suction of welding and metal fumes

AUTOVENT – Mobile suction systems

Exhaust gas extraction for cars

MONO-DOPPIO – Exhaust gas extraction

Impianti di aspirazione con tubo e bocchetta

CAN – Sliding track suction systems

Canalina con diametro equivalente di 160 mm