Fume extraction

WALLA – Suction walls

Suction walls for air extraction for welding operations

DEVID ONE – Filters for welding fumes, gases and dust

4-stage filtration compact filter units

WELDOBOX – WELDOTEND – Protection curtains and boxes

Protection boxes and working areas for welding and grinding

CAP – Suction hoods

Suction hoods for welding fumes

SMOG HOG – Modular electrostatic filters

Air filters for centralized plants for dust, fumes and oil mist filtration from machine tools

ZB ECO – Suction benches

Mobile suction benches with cartridge

ECO-BOX – Soundproofing cabins

Soluzioni con box e pareti fonoassorbenti

AIRSOL DRY – Air suction filter for spray painting

Air filter unit for painting operations

AIRSOL POL – Air filters for dust and fumes

Impianti aspirazione aria per fumi e polveri

AIRSOL STERIL – Modular air filters for fumes

Air filter with HEPA final stage

ZB/F – Downdraft table for dedusting

Banco aspirante per polveri con pulizia ad aria compressa

ZB POL – Downdraft table with cartridges

Banco aspirante per polveri e odori

ZB – Downdraft tables

Downdraft tables for dust and welding fumes

AS – Downdraft table for plasma cutting

Banco aspirante per taglio plasma manuale

MINIEL – Small extraction arms with joints

Extraction arms for dust, fumes and oil and emulsion mists

FINPOL DT – Cartridges air filtering for fumes and dust

Nanofiber jet-pulse cartridge filters

FINPOL NR – Self-cleaning cartridges filters

Jet-pulse cleaning cartridge filters

FINPOL HZ – Air filters for dust and fumes

Self-cleaning horizontal cartridge air filters

LOC – Articulated suction arm

Multi articulated extraction arms

CICL – Centrifugal cyclone air filter

Centrifugal cyclone separators

FINPOL MUL – Portable dust collector with forklift

Palletizable jet-pulse cartridge filters

ECODCE – Mobile cartridge filter for fumes

Mobile filter units with cartridge for fumes

DCE – Mobile filters for fumes and dusts

Suction of welding and metal fumes

DID SMOG – Suction table for welding

Suction tables for welding training

2A – Downdraft tables

Downdraft tables for sanding

AD – Laboratory suction arm

Braccio aspirante per laboratorio