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40 anni di esperienza nel trattamento dell'aria
Impianti industriali, nei settori dove si rende necessario un adeguato trattamento dell’aria

GGE srl 40 years of experience

GGE srl was founded in the late 1970s as a manufacturer of filters for the purification of polluted air.

Over more than 40 years, it has established itself on the Italian and European markets by diversifying its production, offering reliable products and services for all industrial sectors.

GGE srl designs and manufactures, in-house, from individual devices to entire industrial plants, in sectors where adequate air treatment is required to protect work and the environment.

In the last few years, the GGE group has undertaken collaborations with qualified Italian and European partners, both at the production and commercial level, also consolidating in sectors such as biotechnology, energy recovery and security.

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Our services

Analisi e progettazione

Analysis and design

Site surveys, feasibility studies, exchange of information with in-house production departments and advice to the customer based on experience are the preliminary and fundamental phases of our work. The guiding thread of the design work is always compliance with the latest laws and regulations in the areas of hygiene, safety and the environment.

Produzione interna

In-house production

GGE srl manufactures the individual devices and all the components of its systems in-house. This allows variations, modifications and customisation, even during the course of production, in order to be able to meet any new customer requirements and realise tailor-made industrial suction systems for multiple production needs.

Installazione e collaudo

Installation and testing

Once the production phase is complete, our plants are set up and transported to the customer’s premises, where they are installed and tested by GGE’s specialised technicians. The commissioning phase is carried out with state-of-the-art instruments to certify correct operation and issue the necessary documentation.

Servizio post-vendita

After-sales service

Thanks to our in-house production departments and a large warehouse always stocked with spare parts and options, we can guarantee comprehensive service, intervening quickly with repairs, extensions or adaptations to maintain the full functionality and efficiency of our extraction and filtration equipment at all times.

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    GGE technical catalogue 2024

    The updated technical catalogue of GGE srl products and solutions is available. Stand-alone products, solutions for centralised extraction systems, suction arms, fans and coolers, exhaust gas extraction products, etc.

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