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News | 07 Apr 2021

DEGASSING – Suction systems for forklift charging station

News: DEGASSING – Suction systems for forklift charging station


In rooms where forklift truck charging operations are carried out, the danger of explosion is due to the emission of hydrogen into the environment, which is released as a result of the electrolysis of water. Hydrogen emission can be considered to have ended one hour after the interruption of the current supplied by the battery charger. Hydrogen emission occurs to a lesser extent during battery discharge.


If the hydrogen concentration in the environment reaches 4%, the air-hydrogen mixture may explode.


The degassing systems built by GGE srl serve to prevent hydrogen from escaping into the environment where forklift recharging takes place and, consequently, to limit the possibility of a potentially explosive atmosphere forming in the room. Find out more about degassing plants on the dedicated page.

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