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News | 07 Mar 2023

NERTI – Inerting powder dosing system

News: NERTI – Inerting powder dosing system


The NERTI dosing system makes it possible to mitigate the explosive characteristics of dusts or increase the filtration efficiency of sticky and hygroscopic powders in centralised systems.

NERTI takes the form of a compact unit, which is positioned between the suction point and the dust collector. NERTI performs volumetric dosing of the inerting substance as the fluid passes through.

  NERTI applicazione del dosatore di polvere inertizzante per impianti di aspirazione | GGE srl

Example of NERTI dosing system application in a centralised suction system


The material is controlled volumetrically by adjusting the running time of the dosing auger. The auger, activated by a gear motor for a preset and programmed time, transports the powder out of the container and discharges it into a T-shaped deviation connected to the suction system. The tank, equipped with a removable lid, allows the powder to be loaded from above.

The dosing unit is equipped with a system that facilitates the correct fall of the powder towards the auger by means of an electric motor vibrator, applied on the inclined wall of the powder containment tank.

NERTI immissione della polvere inertizzante nell'impianto di aspirazione | GGE srl

Detail of dosing of inerting powder in the extraction system


Read about the technical features of the NERTI dosing system on the dedicated page.

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