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News | 04 Sep 2023

New laser cutting machine

News: New laser cutting machine


GGE has purchased a brand new Cutlite Penta laser cutting machine, which joins the other precision machines we use every day to manufacture our products in the workshops.

The LME series laser cutting system allows us to produce a very high quantity of items in a very short time, ensuring not only a lower manufacturing cost, but also maximum precision.

This laser machine cuts both carbon steel and stainless steel with great accuracy, allowing us to meet all our construction requirements.


Macchina per taglio laser in GGE | GGE srl

The Cutlite Penta machine in our workshops.

Click here to view the post on our LinkedIn page and leave a comment if you too are familiar with laser cutting machines or if your company also owns one!

If you would like to read about the technical features of the laser cutting machine in detail, you can do so on the Cutlite Penta manufacturer's website here.

GGE technical catalogue 2024

The updated technical catalogue of GGE srl products and solutions is available. Stand-alone products, solutions for centralised extraction systems, suction arms, fans and coolers, exhaust gas extraction products, etc.

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