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News | 03 Jul 2023

Red Cyclone: spark trap

News: Red Cyclone: spark trap


Red Cyclone is a device that reduces the risk of fire in industrial dust filtration systems. It provides passive protection that significantly limits the number of sparks that can reach the filter.

Red Cyclone has no moving parts and requires little maintenance. There is an easily accessible collection bin for emptying any accumulated material.

Easy to install in any system, it is available from 200 mm to 700 mm diameter, to operate with flow rates from 1,500 m³/h to 28,000 m³/h.

  Red Cyclone installato prima di un filtro a cartucce | GGE srl

Red Cyclone installed before a cartridge filter in a dust extraction and filtration system.


In tests at our workshops, the system's ability to stop sparks coming from the intake is clear. If the flow of sparks entering the Red Cyclone is visible, it is equally clear that they cannot escape from the system, but are instead channelled into the collection bin below. Watch the test video on our LinkedIn page.

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