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News | 10 Jul 2024

TM EVO: the new mobile suction unit designed by GGE

News: TM EVO: the new mobile suction unit designed by GGE

A new machine has been added to GGE's series of wheeled suction units: this is the TM EVO mobile filter unit, a compact, high-performance suction unit ideal for extracting dust and chips in the mechanical engineering, ceramics and food industries.

TM EVO filter units are mobile devices, consisting of a centrifugal fan and a filter unit with a cylindrical structure, made of folded and painted steel sheet. Inside the cylindrical body are high-efficiency filtering cartridges and, at the base, a filtered material collection bin with a capacity of 170 litres, removable and equipped with wheels.

The main points of this filter system are as follows.

  • The cyclonic inlet, which facilitates the removal of dust and chips from the air stream.
  • The shaking cartridge cleaning system: each cartridge is equipped with a pneumatic vibrator at its base, which is particularly efficient in cleaning the cartridge. The filter unit is also equipped with a digital pressure gauge, which constantly detects the degree of clogging of the filters.
TM EVO - funzionamento | GGE srl    

TM EVO is designed to be combined with machine tools, for operation on wood, paper, metal and in applications where dust and chips are generated. For machine tool builders, we also offer the possibility of customising the machine, adapting it to specific needs.

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